The color of Marrakech is undoubtedly pink, to match the warm hues of the desert that surrounds it. We saw as we entered that even the towering walls that surround the medina, or city center, are painted a pale pink. 

Inside, the maze of narrow streets seem only accessible by foot, but motorbikes often whiz passed you or heavily loadead horse-drawn carts squeeze their way through. Walking through the medina, we are constantly hassled by shopkeepers.  Mounds of colorful spices are advertised for all different medicinal and culinary purposes- yellow mounds of turmeric, bright blue chunks of raw indigo, pink blocks of jasmine perfume. 


It is impossible to choose between all of the artisinal goods made here- pottery, shoes, textiles, baskets- each item unique and beautifully handmade. However, haggling is a huge part of life in Marrakech so we had to be prepared. Negotiations go back and forth until you finally agree on a price and shake on it. Walking away with your treasure feels like a serious accomplishment.